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Superior paint for performance and endurance. Powder coating is tough, looks great, and lasts a very long time. Powder coating is a method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of parts and materials.

Hi-Temp Ceramic

Ceramic coating is the most advanced and durable thermal barrier coating for exhaust headers and manifolds today. Available in a variety of colors, ceramic coatings give your project a personalized touch that will make your project superior in both appearance and performance.

media blasting

Media Blasting is a great way to remove old paint and rust from parts prior to powder coating. Removing rust and surface contaminates, blasting allows the powder to better adhere to the metal for even more strength.

mass production capability

Our facility is capable of mass production coating for manufacturers. Our industrial clients choose us for our ability to run small batches and greater customability that traditional powder coating facilities cannot do. 

Unparalled Custom Quality

custom options

We offer the highest quality powder and ceramic coating on the market today. Ask us about our custom color and texture finishes. From vehicle detail, to machine parts, to restoration projects, choose us for all your needs.

customer relations

Our leadership really shows in the quality and service our clients receive from us. Our company is always evolving as our customers’ needs change and new opportunities are created in the market.  You will always enjoy the latest services, technology and development in the industry.


For businesses, we can run small batch orders, reducing lead times and production costs. More industries are turning to powdercoating from convention painting methods for environmental, health, and durability reasons. Make the change with us and enjoy all the benefits our company offers.

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Pablos Custom Powder Coating has been servicing the Greater Birmingham area since 2005. Our facility is located off I-59 N in Trussville near Deerfoot Parkway.

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